Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash Extensions

Free yourself from the wasted time, frustration, and damage associated with eyelash curlers and mascara! Eyelash Extensions go beyond opening your eyes and saving you the trouble of mascara! They can give you a feeling of glamour and confidence as you go about your day. No more clumpy lashes, smudges, and eye-irritating flakes.

Benefits of getting Eyelash Extensions:
  • No need for messy mascara that can clump and cause raccoon eyes
  • Always look fresh faced and bright eyed
  • Look younger without any cosmetic procedures
  • Customised look based on your eye shape, position and desired look
After care instructions:
  • No oil based, waterproof or glycol containing products including but not limited to foundation, concealer, eyeliner, face wash, moisturizer, eye cream, serums etc.
  • Try to sleep on your back and not face down on your pillow.
  • No curling your lashes or using mascara from root to tip.
  • No rubbing. It causes the bond of the adhesive to break and lose lashes.
  • Don’t use a cotton ball on your lashes. It will snag and pull the lashes off.
  • Cleanse and brush your lashes daily to keep them lasting as long as possible


Full Set | 1.5hrs | $130 | BOOK NOW

Demi-Set | 1hr | $75 | BOOK NOW

Fills  | $45-$70 *Please call into our location to book this service


Does it hurt? – Having your lashes done is a very relaxing service and most ladies fall asleep.  Thus, the new lash nap mantra.

How long does it last? – We lose between 3-5 lashes per day so depending on your natural lash cycle and with proper care, lash extensions can last 3-4 weeks.  Most ladies prefer to keep their lash line nice and full and return for a fill every 2-3 weeks.

Does it damage my own lashes? – We are very careful to ensure that your natural lashes aren’t damaged by choosing the proper length and weight extensions.

What kind of lashes do you use? – We only use faux mink lashes that are vegan and cruelty free.  They are handmade using PT fibres that mimic the natural lash.  The medical grade adhesive has no latex or formaldehyde and is Health Canada certified.