pHresh Spa welcomes Julie Shillabeer, Registered Acupuncturist to our team!

Julie treats over 65 Health Concerns outlined by the World Health Organization with this painless and effective therapy! Some of which include pain management, stress relief, digestive and gynecological symptoms.

Her specialty is Advanced Constitutional Facial Rejuvenation™, which is a holistic therapy designed to organically treat the aging process.

The basic concept is that by inserting needles locally on the face, circulation is increased, flooding the area with red and white blood cells and allowing collagen and elastin to form. Depending on the individual constitution, acupuncture points are chosen either to relax or strengthen muscles along energy meridians, or at the meeting point of a muscle and nerve. The focus is normally on two to three areas of concern at a time keeping the energy contained and focused.

The benefits of Facial Acupuncture are both internal and external. If a patient has symptoms such as headaches, insomnia, constipation and anxiety, this will be addressed, treating the patient holistically. Some of the external benefits include improving muscle tone, eliminating fine lines, as well as reducing bags and sagging jowls.  FRA is also very esthetically effective in tightening the neck, lifting drooping eyelids, tightening the pores and improving facial color. Significant findings are that it can reduce symptoms of Bell’s palsy, TMJ, neuropathies, and helps stroke patients.

As an alternative to Acupuncture, Julie offers a unique treatment, Facial Soundscapes – harmonic renewal (a tuning fork facial)™. It is a specific sound-healing protocol using tuning forks on acupuncture points to correct imbalances throughout the body and improve facial tone. It is a method of toning and firming the skin using tuning forks in tandem. The face, according to Traditional Chinese Medicine, reflects both the body’s overall health and the equanimity of spirit. When a face is clear, it allows the spirit to shine through.

Soundscapes offers an option to those who seek the benefits of facial acupunctur without the needles. It improves circulation of the blood and lymphatic system which accounts for its firming effect. Tuning forks is an extremely unique therapeutic treatment which relaxes the body, mind, and soul.

For more information or inquiries please go to our website, or call pHresh.

As an introductory offer, if you book before Nov.1st you will receive 20% off your first treatment!

All services (except Facial Soundscapes) are covered by Extended Health if applicable to you!

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